Fora Soft Recognized As One of The Top 100 Fastest and Sustained Growing Companies by Clutch


Fora Soft has been included in 2 Clutch Top-100 lists: 100 Fastest Growing Companies and 100 Sustained Growing Companies!

Clutch is an online review and rating platform based in Washington DC. They verify whether to name a company as one of the best in their field. This specific award is for companies that recorded the highest verified revenue change:

  • Fastest Growth – from 2019 to 2020
  • Sustained Growth – from 2017 to 2020

Fora Soft has grown by 58% from 2019 to 2020 and by 158% from 2017 to 2020. For that, we’d like to thank our clients and partners, as well as for ten 5-star reviews on Clutch. Kind thoughts help motivate our team, and we’re especially thankful for reviews like this:

Their skills impressed us, they can do anything in a short amount of time.” – COO, INSTACLASS.

Quickly growing a business is never an easy task and is an achievement that most will never be able to see. This is why we also want to thank Clutch for setting up such an award and recognizing the important milestone we’ve reached as a company.

Thank you very much, the Clutch team, for choosing us. We are always hesitant about asking clients for a review. They are busy businessmen and businesswomen, and it takes time and mental effort. That is why we do not have many. However, the ones we have are all 5-stars, and we’d like to thank our clients for these kind words and the highest esteem. Happy that these were enough to make it into the Clutch 100 list. We’ll keep up the good work and improve further.” – Nikolay Sapunov, CEO of Fora Soft.

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Why Russian software engineers are ranked #1 in Coursera’s research

Russia is on top of the IT world, while the country’s programmers are unparalleled when it comes to technology and data science.

Coursera, an American e-learning company, has released the second edition of their Global Skills Index 2020. The index consists of three main fields, and Russia has been named cutting-edge in two of the three: Technology and Data Science, while not only being ranked #1 in Europe but also in the entire world. The third field is Business, where Russia is #8 in Europe and #9 in the world.

So what is it that puts Russia so high at the top of the IT world, where the competition is as fierce nowadays as it’s never been before? 

To create the ranking, Coursera has used five components: their skill graph, skill score for country/industry/role, trending skills, correlations with third-party data, and top field of study & roles per selected skills.

First, let’s dive into the rankings themselves. We’ll first take a look at the Technology and Data Science Fields, and then check out the authors’ reasoning behind the Index.


Russia tops Belarus, Switzerland, Ukraine, and Finland – these countries are on the places from the 2nd to the 5th. 

The technology field consists of six subfields: Computer Networking, Databases, Human-Computer Interaction, Operating Systems, Software Engineering, Security Engineering. 

Russia was able to hit 100% in Databases, Operating Systems, and Software Engineering, and 98% in Security Engineering.

Data Science

In Data Science, Russia tops Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, and Finland – these countries are on the places from 2nd to the 5th.

The Data Science field consists of six subfields: Data Management, Data Visualization, Machine Learning, Math, Statistical Programming, and Statistics.

Russia got 100% in Statistical Programming, Math, and Data Management, as well as 98% in Machine Learning and Statistics.

Coursera’s comments

All of Russia’s tech and data science competencies are categorized as cutting-edge or competitive, with the Index showing that the country is unparalleled in software engineering, statistical programming, operating system, database, and data management skills.

They also went on and mentioned that Russia has been outperforming China and the US at international programming contests. 

Another important thing is that informatics is being taught as a compulsory subject in middle school. The skills students get then are later developed in higher education. For instance, Russia’s Higher School of Economics has announced the first top tier online master’s program in data science.

Coursera has also addressed Russia’s relatively low position on the Business Index, compared to the other two. They have, however, noted that the situation is looking to change as the Moscow and St. Petersburg’s startup scenes are constantly growing.

IT students from St. Petersburg win more contests than anyone else

We would like to add to the research from Coursera that universities from St. Petersburg, the city Fora Soft is located in, win International Collegiate Programming Contest more often than not just any city in the world, but any country. Students from St. Petersburg won the contest 11 times out of 27. The first two places are split among St. Petersburg Institute of Fine Mechanics and Optics and Saint Petersburg State University, with 7 and 4 victories respectively. Many graduates from these schools end up working here, at Fora Soft!

International Collegiate Programming Contest is a competition between IT-specialized universities. 50,000 students from 3000 universities in 111 countries have taken part in the contest. Overall, Russian students have won 13 contests out of 27 times it was held, and the country has been on a winning streak since 2012.

The results can be easily seen on the Contest’s Wikipedia page. If you want to dive deeper into the information about the winners, please, visit the official website of the contest.

This fact correlates well with Coursera’s mention of how many engineering graduates are produced by Russia – about 450,000, which is more than in any other country in the world.

We at Fora Soft are proud to announce that even in the region with such high competition, we are still the best! Check out our report on the top B2B development companies in Russia.

If you want to learn more about our know-how or order a project from us, feel free to get in touch with us via the Contact us form!


Clutch named Fora Soft a top Russian B2B development company

At Fora Soft, we really know how to develop multimedia software. We’ve been doing it for years and amassed lots of experience! Our work has found appreciation in the latest Clutch rating.

Clutch is an American rating platform. They release geography-based top-company ratings every year, and this time we made it there. Fora Soft is on the 15th place out of 94 in the Development category.

Cool! Thanks to our clients – for the opportunities and for the kind references. – Nikolay Sapunov, Fora Soft CEO

To create the rating, Clutch took different things into consideration. For example, in order to determine the level of industry expertise, the following criteria are looked at:

  • Case studies
  • Awards that companies received
  • In-depth phone interviews with clients
  • Services offered
  • Social media presence

Fora soft is also able to deliver a high-quality product. To get to this conclusion, the rating platform checks how companies perform at the criteria mentioned below:

  • Brand reputation and visibility
  • Clients that a company works with
  • Services offered by a company
  • Reviews on Clutch

By the way, Fora Soft currently has 5 stars out of 5 from 9 reviews! Among many things, our clients highlited how we met their expectations, professionalism in development, clear and fast communication, and the fact that we always finished our projects in time.

The most focused company

We at Fora Soft know how to deliver high-quality services. One of the reasons for it is that we have been creating multimedia and video software for a long time – 15 years. Over this time, we’ve gained a lot of experience in the field, and we’ve never betrayed video and multimedia projects.

To check out the variety of the products in our niche that we have created, look no further than our portfolio!

With that being said, Clutch has put us into their Top Russian Custom Software Developers matrix that consists of top 15 leaders in the custom software development field in Russia. It seems like Fora Soft has been recognized as “the most focused” company in the region.

To learn more about us, check out our Clutch profile.

If you want us to estimate your project or learn tips and tricks that we use in the video & multimedia software development process, feel free to get in touch with us via the Contact us form!